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Gym Workouts

App that makes it easy to design and plan gym routines in detail. Track every workout and record every set and rep along with one rep max. Add custom exercises, track other sports and follow your progress.

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Apple Watch app

Track progress during workout with iPhone or Apple Watch. All key features are available in Apple Watch which makes it possible to leave phone home and complete workout just with Apple Watch.


Using Apple Watch to record workout gathers heart rate measurements and adds to workout and move rings. To get started just allow Gym Workouts to read and write its measurements to HealthKit.


Create programs with workout days. Fill each day with exercises and plan sets with repetition count for each exercise. Plan can be adjusted on the fly during the workout.


App comes with all fundamental gym exercises available for planning. Own ones can be added to complement the exercise set. Each exercise records 1 rep max and can be configured to use weights.


Everything is stored offline so the app does not consume data plan and is lightning fast to use. Easy of usage and responsiveness have been key criteria considered during app implementation.


Record every gym workout with details like duration, completed sets and actual weight. Keep track of all other sports and view yearly summary.


Follow weekly training goal and yearly progress. Home tab contains graphical calendars that show progress by day of week or week of year.


App does not contain intrusive metrics monitoring and there are no repetitive subscription fees that can be forgotten rolling when the app is no longer used. This is a small project by a single developer who loves to train at gym.

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